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Second stage


Price Range $550

When is a 2 Stage Paint Correction Required?

A 2 stage Paint Correction is usually required when your vehicles paint work has become faded, oxidised or the scratches & swirl marks are too deep to be removed with a Single Stage Paint Correction.

Why has this happened?

For some vehicles, paint fading, and paint oxidation can be simply put down of the age of the vehicle, but in more cases then not, alongside with swirl marks, are due to incorrect upkeep or maintenance of your paint work, for example lack of polishing, waxing or Paint Protection, or simply just washing with the wrong products.

Can this be fixed?

Absolutely, a 2 Stage Paint Correction can remove up to 90% of the paint imperfections, and bring back that superior shine you fell in love with when your purchased your vehicle.

However, it is not a 5-minute job. When you book your vehicle in for a 2 Stage Paint Correction service, you are booking your vehicle in for a paint facelift. Depending on the condition of the paint, will depend on how long this service will take.

Is there anything I can do to keep my paint from returning back to that again?

Of course, if you are wanting to protect your investment after spending the money on it to bring the paint work back to as close to its original state as possible, then we strongly recommend getting Ceramic Paint Protection applied to your paintwork, which will help with further deterioration of your vehicles exterior.

If this is something that you would like to consider, get in touch with our team and they can advise you on both options available.


This is a from price, actual price will vary depending on the size of the vehicle, or if additional work is required. T & C’s apply.


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