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Decontamination Clean

Decontamination Clean

from $275

Once a year your car will need to be booked in for decontamination clean. This is a part of the warranty & will ensure your paintwork is kept in perfect condition.

By removing all the containments on the exterior of your vehicle, you are giving the life span of your vehicle longer lasting value for money.

Decontamination clean will take around 2 hours & includes:

  • An exterior wash using a high-quality snow foam soap, keeping the shine on the car, and preventing those unwanted fine scratches and swirl marks caused by dirty sponges
  • Clay bar to remove all containment including road tar, tree sap, & any iron fallout
  • Finishing off with a hand wax to give more protection to the paintwork

Book in your next Decontamination clean at the end of this one to ensure it’s kept up to date and on track.

General prices are shown, additional fees and charges may be applied depending on travel fees, or if additional work is required. This price does not include any Machine Polishing. T & C’s apply.


Unless more services are required, this will be advised on inspection