GMC Car Detailing


EXO – Additional added protection $440 each layer

Recommended no more than 2 layers

If you have Paint Protection on your vehicle, and still want an even deeper shine, then EXO is for you. With its ground-breaking, hard organic material that chemically bonds with the surface of the car. Cleaning your car will become a dream! Any coated surfaces of the car will prevent contaminates from adhering to the surface, making it easy to clean & maintain. For best results add this service to our Crystal Serum Ultra Paint Protection. This product requires curing time, therefore will need to drop off & pick up.

Please note – this service is only available as an additional, cannot be purchased on its own

Our EXO price is based on standard sized vehicles, T & C’s apply.

Please note – this service is only available as an additional service and can not be purchased on its own.


each additional layer