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Ceramic Paint Protection Services and Packages


Ceramic Paint Protection Services and Packages

9H Crystal Serum Light with 5 years warranty from $770

When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant & water and dirt repellency, Paint Protection is a definite must.

Our Crystal Serum Light comes with a 5-year guarantee, if looked after and maintained regularly. This special coating forms an ultra-durable, high gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9H optically clear ceramic. Once applied, your vehicle’s gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products & cleaning your car will be a breeze.

Unlike mainstream wax & organic polymer coatings, our Crystal Serum Light can resist much higher & lower temperatures. Bonded contaminants such as tree sap, road tar & hard water spots will become easy to remove. This product does require curing time and therefore cannot get wet for a minimum of 12 hours.

When you book your vehicle in with G M C Detailing to have Paint Protection applied, you will receive the following inclusions:

  • Decontamination clean
  • Clay bar
  • A single-stage machine paint correction (if required)
  • Sealed with Crystal Serum Light
  • 5-year warranty & care booklet

10H Crystal Serum Ultra with 9 years warranty from $1100

For the best-added protection on your paintwork, you can’t go past our 10H Crystal Serum Ultra, which comes with a 9-year Guarantee!

Crystal Serum Ultra is the absolute pinnacle product on the market and gives matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, & is swirl and chemical resistant. Extensive real-world and laboratory tests prove that its thicker, glossier & harder structure offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection. When you book your vehicle in with G M C Detailing to have Paint Protection applied, you will receive the following includes;

  • Decontamination clean
  • Clay bar
  • A single-stage machine paint correction
  • Sealed with Crystal Serum Ultra
  • 9 years warranty & care booklet

Interior Protection $330

Do I need interior protection?

A question that is asked quite often… and our answer is, “What have you got to lose?”

Interior protection is giving you piece of mind. It has been designed to protect your dash & trim including vinyl, plastic and rubberised finishes, adds abrasion resistance, makes treated surface dirt, water, static and UV repellent. With added biocote antimicrobial technology treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. Leather protection forms a durable abrasion resistant barrier, protects from UV rays, dye transfer and other discolouration, with added biocote antimicrobial technology treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. Fabric & Carpet protection is used on all carpet surfaces, helping to protect all fabrics from water-based stains, is breathable and extremely durable, with added biocote antimicrobial technology treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria and repel mould & mildew. Makes ordinary fabric waterproof and easy to clean.

All interior protection requires 3-5 hours to bond, therefore we suggest this be booked for early morning appointment


EXO – Additional added protection $440 each layer

Recommended no more than 2 layers

If you have Paint Protection on your vehicle, and still want an even deeper shine, then EXO is for you. With its ground-breaking, hard organic material that chemically bonds with the surface of the car. Cleaning your car will become a dream! Any coated surfaces of the car will prevent contaminants from adhering to the surface, making it easy to clean & maintain. For best results add this service to our Crystal Serum Ultra Paint Protection. This product requires curing time, therefore will need to drop off & pick up.

Please note – this service is only available as an additional, cannot be purchased on its own

Ultimate Mag Wheel Amour $440

Mag Wheel protection (Wheel Armour) is a fantastic way of keeping your mags looking cleaner for longer between cleans. By having your mags coated (it’s already in for the paint so may as well add your wheels too) you can say goodbye to the annoyance & frustration of shifting road grime from your wheels. Dirt that would normally require harsh chemicals & brushes to remove can be simply blasted away by your (or ours, if booked in for maintenance clean) jet wash.

Did you know the paint on your wheels is relatively soft, making it easy for hot brake dust to embed itself into the surface?

By having our wheel armour applied, it is chemically bonding to the mags, offering an ultra-fine, hard-wearing ceramic coating that prevents this from happening, protecting your wheels from damage. The combination of easy cleaning, hardness of the coating, contaminant resistance & anti-staining characteristics all helps to keep your wheels looking new & shiny for longer. Our Mag Wheel Protection product requires curing time, therefore your vehicle will be required to be off-road for around 12 hours, when booked in with Ceramic Coating not only will it be all cured together, but it will also finish the look!

Please note – This is an add on service and can only be purchased when booking in either of our Paint Protection services. This cannot be purchased as a single service.


Complete Ceramic and Interior Protection Package from $1430 (5 year) / $1760 (9 year)

Crystal light / ultra + Interior + Additional layer

This package is for the ultimate protection of your vehicle.

Buying a new car? Now your next step is Paint & Interior Protection. 

Protect your investment (because that’s what your vehicle is) and help keep the value of your vehicle for longer. Combine our Interior & Paint Protection & save.

This package includes:

  • Decontamination clean including clay bar
  • Dashboard & Door trims
  • Leather seats
  • Carpet & mats
  • All exterior painted surfaces Machine polished
  • 2 layers of protection (Crystal serum light & EXO)
  • 5-year warranty or 9-year warranty & care booklet

Our Paint & Interior Protection package requires curing time, therefore is recommended to be dropped off to us for a 24-hour turnaround.

Additional add ons

  • 2nd additional layer of EXO $440
  • Mag wheel amour $440
  • Window Protection $110

Decontamination Clean $275

Once a year your car will need to be booked in for decontamination clean. This is a part of the warranty & will ensure your paintwork is kept in perfect condition.

By removing all the containments on the exterior of your vehicle, you are giving the life span of your vehicle a longer-lasting value for money.

Decontamination clean will take around 2 hours & includes:

  • An exterior wash using a high-quality snow foam soap, keeping the shine on the car, and preventing those unwanted fine scratches and swirl marks caused by dirty sponges
  • Clay bar to remove all containment including road tar, tree sap, & any iron fallout
  • Finishing off with a hand wax to give more protection to the paintwork
  • Machine polish if required (if needed will require more time for service)

Book in your next Decontamination clean at the end of this one to ensure it’s kept up to date and on track.