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Price Range from $275

Imperfections in the Paint?

Have you looked at your vehicle and wondered why it doesn’t have that same shine as when you picked it up from the dealership?

Have you noticed a web of fine scratches all over your vehicle, or on certain parts?

Have you noticed a web of fine scratches all over your vehicle, or on certain parts? These are called Mirco-Scratches, or Swirl-Marks, and this is what is causing that lack of showroom shine on your vehicle.

The cause?

The answer to this is not always simple, but instead one of many different reasons.

The biggest cause of this is actually improper washing and drying of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, those “scratch free”, or automatic car washes, can and will leave fine scratches all over your vehicle. Using low quality towels, or wash mits can also lead to abrading your paint and leave it with imperfections.

The Solution!

Our single stage Paint Correction can remove up to 60 to 80% of those imperfections and bring back that superior shine.

Paint Correction is a fantastic service as either a single service or an add on when booking in a Presale, or a Full Detail. When you are wanting to bring back that superior shine you once had on your vehicle, but don’t want the price tag of a respray, Paint Correction is definitely the way.

To add even more gloss, have a look at adding on our Ceramic Paint Protection, to maintain that superior gloss we have managed to restore on your pride and joy.

For more details head over to Ceramic Paint Protection or get in touch with the team.

This is a from price, actual price will vary depending on the size of the vehicle, or if additional work is required. T & C’s apply.


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